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"We are the band!"-Backstage at The Underworld, Camden!

  • By Lucy Sadana

As a brand shaped by loud music and infused with accents of groupie glamour and rock ‘n’ roll I couldn’t think of a more perfect setting in which to shoot the 'Unapologetic’ look book than Camden’s equivalent of CBGB’s/ Whiskey a go-go, The Underworld.

I’ve always had a thing for trashy venues contrasted with high glamour. 6 inch stillettos on sticky floors. There’s something atmospheric about it, something adventurous and thrilling. The dirt, the sleaze, the imperfections.

The Underworld was my escape growing up, my rock ‘n’ roll mecca, a place where I could be me and love every part of it. During the week I went unnoticed or maybe the opposite and too noticed, the school geek, but the odd weekends allowed me to be my alter ego, the very essence of everything I wanted to be and I lived out my fantasy at the underworld. Standing at the front of the stage, watching my favourite bands and pretending I was in a music video or something. I loved the interaction between the fans and the bands and just lost myself in the music and damp hollow whiskey smell.

So I decided that this photo shoot were to play tribute to my love and comfort growing up, my second home. But I wanted to take it backstage to the infamous dressing rooms. There’s a real vibe going on there. Debauchery is written on the walls and there was definitely a presence of having a good time on those whiskey stained sofas.

Originally taking on the roll of backstage beauties, I decided it would be fun to title the photo shoot ‘with the band’. This isn’t a one size fits all brand. I’m just a bit bored of Instagram perfection and wanted to create something a bit more interesting. So rather than strive for the one size fits all beauty, I wanted us to all live up to our different characters and love them.

We ended up amping up the volume so much that we practically switched from being with the band to being the band haha.

It was fun, it was goofy, it was sexy, it was Unapologetic.

What are your favourite venues and how do you escape?






Photography-Demis Lyall-Wilson (Instagram:demislw)

Makeup-Francesca Kearns (Instagram: francescakearns_)

Hair-Helena Du Cros (Instagram:helenaducrosmakeup__

Models- Alexandra Smith (Instagram: alexesmitho)

Shannon Emanuelle (Instagram: shannonemanuelle_

Myself aka Lucy Sadana (Instagram: Lucy_unapologetic_)


Creative Direction- Myself and Demis Lyall-Wilson



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