About the brand


'It's my belief that your wardrobe should be a highlight reel of your wildest escapades.' 

From a young age I was actively encouraged to express myself with style and fashion. A magnet to everything shiny and loud, passing the high street shops during the 90’s when I was just 6 years old gave me a buzz. Knee high glittery boots, multicoloured, metallic false eyelashes and spandex halter neck tops shining iridescently in kaleidoscope colours. It struck a chord in me and was the beginning of expressing myself in anyway I could through my clothing. I quickly became aware not everyone approved of the way I dressed. The most freeing thing I did was learn to be unapologetic about my style. I found that other women felt the same when it came to choosing their outfits, they wanted to feel free from judgement and able to wear an outfit that others may feel is too risky. That's when I decided to create House of Unapologetic.

Unapologetic manifested itself whilst I was a student at university of the arts London. It was born out of my need to self express and my desire to create a boutique dedicated to fearless, unapologetic dressing. At the very essence of the brand is a young, care free, rock 'n' roll nature, which exudes living for the moment, embracing adventure and unapologetically having a good time.

Unapologetic is not for the wallflowers but geared towards spirited individualists and those on the outskirts of fashion.